IAEMA announces its 2014 event - the 3rd International Airport Expo Las Vegas

Following the success of the second IAEMA organised event that was held at The Rio Hotel & Convention Center in Las Vegas from 25-27 September, 2012, the Board has unanimously endorsed the staging of the 3rd International Airport Expo Las Vegas 2014 to be held from 14 - 16 October, 2014 once again at the popular Rio Hotel & Convention Center, Las Vegas.

The 2014 event is expected to attract a significant number of major GSE manufacturers - many of whom exhibited at the 2012 event and who expressed their approval and preference to the staging of this major event in a large outdoor facility where equipment can be operated and demonstrated.

The Board also discussed the need for the consolidation of airport equipment events and agreed that currently there are too many events on an ongoing basis - many of which that bring little benefit to the visitors and exhibitors alike. At the same time the Board agreed to withdraw its support for the annual GSE event currently held in the US and urged its members to consider carefully the benefit of this event in view of its frequency and focus given the industry’s natural pace of development from year to year. The Board’s viewpoint had already been endorsed by the fact that the majority of visitors and exhibitors surveyed during the 2012 IAEMA event agreed that a bi-annual event in the US that alternates with the major bi-annual European airport show is preferable.

For more information regarding the International Airport Expo 2014 please contact Tim Ornellas - tim@iaema.org

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